Grand Champion BIS BISS AKC BIS / UKC
CH Shoreland's Rock Me HIC
Betty was the #1 Border Collie Female in 2006 & 2007
Betty is #1 in 2008
BOB at the 2006 & 2007 Nationals.
Betty was Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster
in 2006 and 2007
Betty was BOS at the 2006 Eukanuba Invitational
The Birth of Betty Boop
The first appearance of Betty Boop was in the 6th Talkartoon starring
Bimbo, entitled "Dizzy Dishes" (1930.). Grim Natwick was the first
animator to draw Betty, who had not yet been officially named. He took
inspiration for Betty's spit curls from a song sheet of Helen Kane,
commonly called the "Boop Oop a Doop Girl". Betty started out being
designed as a human-like dog, only her black button nose and floppy
ears hinting at her canine nature. These ears later became her round
earrings, in part due to the fact that the Fleischer animators had a
tendency to change animating styles and features of characters from
cartoon to cartoon, and sometimes within the same cartoon. (In "Bum
Bandit"-1931- Betty's nose changes from black to white and then back
again in the same cartoon.) Her high baby voice, like her spit curls, were
in imitation of singer Helen Kane. Her first starring role was in "Betty
Coed" (1931), which also marked the first time the name Betty was
connected with the character. In "Any Rags" (1932), Betty became
completely human, and her ears permanently became earrings. As for
her famous garter, Betty started out with two, then early drawings
showing her still with ears show the garter on her right leg. When she
became a regular, however, and her features were officially set, the
garter moved to her left leg, and stayed there.
"Betty" is truly a once in a
lifetime, dream come true
dog.  I've gotten the pleasure
to be there to watch her win
both of her Best In Shows!   
And it was so excited to be
part of this, as a breeder, and
owner.   I've also been there to
watch her win TWO Nationals,
which is such an honor, and
yet another dream come true.  
Betty is a very special girl, and
we're so glad to have her
home.  "Betty" is enjoying
being retired and taking
charge over things here at the
Thank you Michelle
Billings for this
special BIS honor!
Back To Back Group One's
Thank you
Michelle Billings and Robert Moore
Thank You
Ronald Menaker!