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Show Champions and Performance WINNERS.  
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Shoreland Kennel has been actively involved in the sport of dogs for over 35 years as
exhibitor, competitor, breeder, and AKC/ASCA Judge. We are proudest of our
accomplishments to the betterment of multiple breeds, and honored by all of our
successes in many venues of performance events, as well as conformation.  We are also
gratified that we have mentored so many newcomers in the breeds, and been at ringside
to celebrate their accomplishments.  To all of those people who have Shoreland dogs
and continue to breed them responsibly, show them,and love them we continue to
support you, and cheer you on.  To those people that have our dogs, and continue to
publicly announce they are not affiliated with Shoreland Kennels, we stand on our own
merit.  Judge Shoreland Kennels by OUR accomplishments, and OUR generations of
Shoreland Champions in many pedigrees of Merit.
Wikipedia defines Affiliation as "a person's NEED to feel a sense of involvement and
"belonging" within a social group"!